GDPR and Mediadent

You have probably heard about GDPR. The aim of GDPR is to protect all EU citizens from privacy and data breaches in an increasingly data-driven world that is vastly different from the time in which the 1995 directive was established.
As a vendor of software that stores patient information and images we are obliged to make some necessary changes in order to be compliant with the new rules.

Mediadent stores the image (.dic), the stamp (.bmp) and the patient information (.mih). This information needs to be protected from unlawful access.

This has leads us to the question : How will we protect this information?

The answer is by encrypting the information.

So one the biggest changes you will see is that the patient folder that contains the patient images will be encrypted. In this way the information will not be visible by accessing the folder with for example the File Explorer.

This leads us to the impact this will have on all vendors of patient management systems that link to Mediadent.

Linking from a patient management system to Mediadent can be done in 3 ways:

1. OLE linking : this is the most advanced method and offers the most functionality. The patient management system that uses this method will not experience any problems.

2. Command line linking : this is a simple method that transfers the user information via a command line (e.g. : “C:\Program Files (x86)\ImageLevel\Mediadent\Mediadent.exe” /PJohn Doe /DMediadent Tutor /FC:\Mediadent\Patients\1011)

This way of linking is not secure enough under the new GDPR law. This linking method will no longer be supported.

3. Smartlink : this method will no longer be supported.
If you are aware of any patient management systems in your market that are not linking through the OLE linking method, please forward this information.