Sending an e-mail made simple

Sending an e-mail from Mediadent was not always very straight forward. You had to go through the File Export Picture Directory option. This was not always convenient and not all our customers were aware of the fact that this was possible.

This made us think and we came up with a solution to make it much easier to send images. Why not make it available from the image library itself?

We are now happy to announce that this is now possible!

Just right click on the image and you will see a new option :

Send by email.

It is as easy as that!

Install the latest version Mediadent v8.18.11.30 and give it a try!


In this short 1 minute demonstration (on our youtube channel) we will show you how you can use this option in the image library!

New in version v8.18.11.30

It is always exiting to launch a new version of Mediadent. Our team is working hard to create new features that add value to our product and that will help you in your day to day job.

In this version we have a number of interesting features. The new features that were added were based on customer feedback.

One of the remarks was that is was not always easy to import images coming from collegeaus in Mediadent. In this latest version you will now be able to import images from the file explorer. You just need to open Mediadent and select the correct patient.

A second question came from a customer who has been using Mediadent for more than 10 years. Sending the images by e-mail was already possible, but there were a number of steps you have follow. Now we made it easier, just right click on the image in the image library or from the status view and send the image.

If you want at the end of the article, you can check the complete list of new features and improvement.

Some Highlights


Added devices in this version :


Trident reader

Jazz sensor

Spark reader

Some highlights :


– In the i-Dixel module : Images coming from i-Dixel via X-ray VDDS are now calibrated

 – In the radiological log : Show in the list if the person is pregnant or not.

 – In the CT module : Integration of Ez3D-i viewer

– In the Kodak module :  Fix sending patient name with special characters for Carestream module

 -Added a new notification center to warn when errors occurs. A visual aid to help in case of problems.


New features


1. E-mailing from the image library and Status view.

2. Easy import of images directly from the file explorer