Imagelevel, the Belux distributor for Morita

The Morita Group is one of the most important manufacturers of medical-technical products in the world. Morita is a leading supplier in the fields of X-ray diagnostics and endodontics, and our product portfolio covers the entire spectrum of dentistry – from imaging systems and cone-beam computed tomography to treatment units, laser and turbines to endodontic measuring and preparation systems.

Morita is a pioneer and innovation leader in the field of diagnostics and imaging.

Imagelevel is the Belux distributor for Morita X-ray devices and has installed already more than 200 Morita X-ray devices in Belgium.

Crystal Clear Images with Reduced Radiation

Our new cutting edge technology features extremely high quality images with low X-radiation. The Veraviewepocs 2D features a variety of specialized programs, such as the Orthoradial Panoramic projection, which reduces the overlapping of neighboring teeth, and the Shadow Reduction Panoramic projection, which reduces obstructing shadows, as well as our AF function for easy, accurate patient positioning. High definition, refined imaging processing offers multi-plane observation – enabling accurate diagnosis and analysis. Veraviewepocs2D is also completely up-gradable to our Veraviewepocs 3D model.

Highlights at Glance

Digital Panoramic

Digital Cephalometric

  • Fine high speed, exposure time 7.4 seconds, 1/4 X-radiation.
  • High quality images using both Digital Direct Automatic Exposure (DDAE) and Automatic Image Enhancer (AIE)
  • High resolution images even in Fine High Speed Mode
  • Easy patient positioning with AF automatic positioning, triple laser beams, and power assisted movement
  • No film or film development necessary
  • High speed, exposure time approx. 4.9 seconds, 1/10 X-radiation
  • More diagnostic information – greater dynamic range
  • Imaging process can be completed within 20 seconds
  • Fully automatic irradiation settings for easy operation
  • No film or film development necessary