Accuitomo 80

Accuitomo 80

Imagelevel, the Belux distributor for Morita

The Morita Group is one of the most important manufacturers of medical-technical products in the world. Morita is a leading supplier in the fields of X-ray diagnostics and endodontics, and our product portfolio covers the entire spectrum of dentistry – from imaging systems and cone-beam computed tomography to treatment units, laser and turbines to endodontic measuring and preparation systems.

Morita is a pioneer and innovation leader in the field of diagnostics and imaging.

Imagelevel is the Belux distributor for Morita X-ray devices and has installed already more than 200 Morita X-ray devices in Belgium.

The 3D Accuitomo 80 offers a minute voxel size of just 80 µm (micrometer). This super-fine voxel combined with the unit’s 13 bit gray scale capability displays an amazing level of clarity never before seen in the world of 3D imaging.

  • Newly developed Zoom Reconstruction function
  • Three image sizes available.
  • Ø 40 x H 40 mm, Ø 60 x H 60 mm, Ø 80 x 80 mm
  • High resolution is maintained even when the image area is increased
  • Offers high definition 3D imaging with low patient dose
  • Displays both hard and soft tissue
  • A wide dynamic range and precise gray scale differentiation capability
  • Enables comprehensive examination for diagnosing apical lesions, TMJ problems, caries, and treatment planning for implants, restorative, surgery, etc.
  • One Data Viewer Software
  • Intra-clinic network compatibility
  • Compact