Fona X70

Fona X70

FONA X70 is a traditional dental X-ray equipment designed to face the most demanding needs of the dental profession both when using traditional films and digital imaging receptor.

Main feature of the system is the great energy offering obtained by combining the voltage potential of 70 kVp and the anodic current of 7 mA with wide range of exposure times, from 60 ms to 3,2 s.

You can choose between a round beam limiting device, 20 cm (8”) focus-film distance, 6 cm (2,36”) output field diameter ora rectangular beam limiting device as an option to reduce patient’s exposure to radiation.

AutoSet is a digital timer object oriented, with automatic exposure setting. Once tooth type and patient size have been input, time values appear on the digital display.
It also controls dose reduction when using digital receptors.


FONA X70 available wall mounted or with mobile base, both supplied with the folding arm. With the wall mounted configuration is possible to chose among three lengths of the extension arm:



useful reach 140cm



useful reach 165cm



useful reach 185cm