New in latest version

idixel VDDS  v8.18.11.30

* Fix for problem : iDixel_VDDS_iex with DATE=certain date selection didn’t work properly.

Easydent Converter v8.18.11.30

+ Fix for calibration message (this will no longer be shown). Added support for other image types :  .tif and .jpg images are now supported.

illibFilterSelection v8.18.11.30

 * Added check on situation without filter lines in function that checks if a filter script contains lines of given markers. Gives range check error in this situation.

+ The “Set as Default” button is now not shown when the module is not recorded into the old image.

+ Added a selection dialog when images where manually filtered after acquisition. This to prevent some issues when using these images to create a default filter for newly taken images.

* Corrected the image rotation when going in the Filter Selection screen.

+ Add fullscreen mode to the filter selection.

XRayTrident v8.18.11.30

+ Added Trident ReadR device.

MobileBackend v8.18.11.30

+ Added an option to configure other ports for the tablet viewer if they come in conflict with other programs.

+ Added Mobile Backend.

3D Viewer v8.18.11.30:

+ Fix for misplaced annotations after reloading the image.

* Fixed crashing of the 3Dviewer with some CT volumes.

+ Updated LT library to V19.

+ Change look and feel the same as MD, added annotations and possibility to change the opacity for the 3D model.

+ Fixed a possible not painting of  a 3D plane cell. The user had to use up/down and back to resolve the issue.

+ Fixed the Z-order of a 2D stack in the viewer. Some stacks had a bottom-top or top-bottom order and where displayed incorrectly.

+ Keep the same slice when switching from 3D volume view to CMPR.

XRay3Disc v8.18.11.30

+ The fireCR was not working under terminal mode. Bypassed a manufacturer problem to be able to use this device.

axFileOperations v8.18.11.30

* When a zip file is dropped on the status, the imagelib didn’t refresh. This is because of searching the filetype of the ‘Notification files on Hold’, was wrong.

* Fixed an access violation which could happen when files where changed

+ Added own copy dialog with possibility to turn on and of via the setup.

* Fixed some Status/imagelib/viewport refreshes when renaming files.

* Fixed a possible lockup when patient directories are selected with a large amount of images.

+ Fixed a problem that the image library stops updating when a file changes.

+ LastAccessed in mih file is now written in a Julian date, to prevent errors on PC with other DateTime settings.

* When removing a folder, sometimes there was a error message displayed that the network folder was gone.

+ Internal fix.

+ Added some optimalizations to the directory caching system.

* Fixed a possible deny of writing into a new ini file.

XRaySamsung v8.18.11.30

+ Add default filter for Samsung RayScan Ceph

* Fix for certain devices that returned ‘PX’ for a pano and ‘DX’ for ceph. This wasn’t implemented in the module. Now a filter can be set for each of these devices separately.

* Fixed saving of Samsung images

XRay VDDS v8.18.11.30

+ Images coming from i-Dixel via X-ray VDDS are now calibrated.

+ Fixed a problem with the vdds that some images where not imported.

+ Fixed a freeze when canceling an vdds operation.

ilaxImageToolkit v8.18.11.30

* Fixed the Rayscan Images (and possibly other images that are imported) that where to dark.

+ Added possibility to suppress the annoying message dialog when clicked on the ROI. So next time this dialog isn’t shown anymore.

* Fixed a problem with some images that where washed during printing when they had combined filters applied.

* With certain “old” images, when zooming the image was upside down because of another Viewperspective internally in the image => this is fixed so the viewperspective is taken in to account.

* Fix issue rendering text om grayscale images made this image color images, now it stays grayscale

ilaxViewPort v8.18.11.30

* When loading another image after using the ROI feature, the wrong filter was applied on the newly loaded image. After this fix, the filter is reset and the image is loaded correctly.

 * Fixed a problem with the “original flag” when saving an ROI cut out as new image.

 * Fixed the refresh of the viewport when an image is rotated and there is no filtering done on the image.

 * Fixed the rotation in the viewport when a manual rotation was requested in the image library or status.

  + Fix to prevent to apply combined filter 1 and 2 on color images.

  + Fix to load annotations again after rotation image on status.

  + Fix for Viewport full screen after acquistion when main application is on other monitor.

  * Viewperspective is taken into account, so “old” images are not shown upside down in the zoomwindow.

  + With some camera’s the images have a different Rotation flag (Heigh-width is rotated). This image was not shown correct in the viewports=> fixed

  + Problem fixed with importing 12bit images.

  + fixed rotation problem on implants

XRayMyRay v8.18.11.30

+ Fixed memory overrun for MyRay module when leaving the module

ImageLibTls v8.18.11.30

+ Fix for translation for filters with big dir.

+ Fix on method to filter on image date just for one day.

+ Added extra option to search for a specific teeth or teeth range…

RadioLog v8.18.11.30

+ Added new filters for displaying logs for ‘this year’ and ‘last year’. When activating a filter, the number of the result is displayed.

+ Show in the list if the person is pregnant or not.

Cam v8.18.11.30

+ Added possibility to change Temp Media Directory manually.

* Fixed the real time display and freeze image for the spectra camera.

+  icon changed for cam module

+  Fixed a problem when the cam module was not responding.

+  Fixed Slowness of the module on some computers with eyefi cards.

illibAcquisitionLog v8.18.11.30:

 * db changes were not applied on existing sqlite db.

X-Ray Asahi v8.18.11.30

* Fixed a bug that some 2D images where not saved.


+ Fix for patient db not rebuilding after clicking rebuild database in the setup.

X-Ray Digirex v8.18.11.30

+ Added Apixia PSP network device support.

illibCoreResourceR2 v8.18.11.30:

 + Reduced the number of resouces and optimized the installer.

illibObjectData v8.18.11.30:

 * Fixed the display format of the date of birth


+ Add option to use keyboard to search for files to import

CT v8.18.11.30:

 + Fix for CT Import function, the Import CT function will now recognize complete CT sets.

 + Change system for translation for 3D viewer, now we do not need to install access database engine 2010 anymore.

+ Fixed a problem while loading the settings from the iluser.

* Fixed a problem when clicking the X button on the CT selection screen.

+ Added support for model viewers.

+ Added support for the Ez3D-i XML method.

+ Added a link to the 3D Planner software (Villa/Owandy).

+ If CT stamps are missing they will be recreated on-the-fly.

* Fixed the missing CT icon when new CT images where imported.

+ Added option to retrive captured images via Ez3di.

+ Integration of Ez3D-i viewer

ilaxTeethFrameR2 v8.18.11.30:

 + The sensor orientation (green spot) indicator was not displayed in the teeth chart.

ilKodakGIPDaemon v8.18.11.30

+ Fix for error while reading Nickname in XML for RVG 6100 sensor.

+ UTF-8 support for Carestream XMLs.

* Fixed a ‘Socket Already in use’ error when entering the module or setup.

* Fixed a possible rangecheck error when capturing an image using an async device.

* Fixed an rangecheck error when grabbing async images with the latest SDK’s

* Fixed a problem that the daemon was appearing when acquisition was canceled with IO devices.

+ Fix sending patient name with special characters for Carestream module

Installer v8.18.11.30

+ The correct dixeld version is now installed even after a manual upgrade.

* Added missing FreeHandRotation icon for DDX-R.

+ Updated the menu on the installation medium.

+ Cleanup of old files when installing a new version.

+ Fix for Activating/deactivating modules on upgrade for a OEM

+ Skipped the disabeling of Rx modules that where activated

+ New macro buttons for device brands, for xray button with numbers, twain button with numbers added also the default icon for vdds link in bridge changed to idixel icon.

+ For some OEM’s, the default settings were different than previous build. Changed this back.

+ Fixed a problem when the Fileoperations could not be registered.

+ Removed the installation of the Windows Media Codecs from the installer.

This because they are already installed on modern operation systems.

ilMoritaDaemon v8.18.11.30

* Fixed a problem that only the last image of a series was imported in async mode.

ilCore v8.18.11.30:

 * Practitioner information is now correctly transferred to Mediadent when using the patientXML method.

* The setting files were not copied to the server, so they could not be deployed to other PC’s.

+ In this version, the annotations dialog box is always visible.

* Fixed an crash issue when file import was used.

* Fixed scrabled images when only 8-bit images are taken.

+ New device added : the Spark scanner.

+ New device added : the Jazz Solo sensor.

+ Added a new notification center to warn when errors occurs. A visual aid to help in case of problems.

+ Added White Preset to the Mediadent styles

* Fix for taking an image with a patient with UTF-8 chars, an error message was displayed.

+ Add logging and/or retries for copyfile, renamefile and deletefile.

+ Using new certificate till 2021

* Fix for sirona’s stamps are sometimes wrongly oriented

+ Mediadent will launch, even if a show stopping message is active in the background.

* The ProcessCoreShutdownModules are called after the first connection to the core even when there was an other connection active. Added an own counter to keep track of the ole connections.

* Fix for Auto windowing that loses detail in images with a small histogram.

+ Convert Mediadent data SQLLite Database to msAccess to be used by Baltes and our converters.

+ Added the documentation for Ole Command: OleSetPatientLifeForm to the integration documentation

+ Added acquisition log and patient db must be encrypted for GPDR + add extended logging for registering all user clicks.

* Fixed a problem with the calibration value that could be turned into 0 when opening the calibration tab.

+ Fix for scroll bar on recent patient list.

+ Mediadent Data Database Change from msAccess to SQLlite.

* Fix a backwards compatibility problem after adding new feature that makes it possible to add leading zero’s to the <ID> in the bridge module.

* Fixed a problem that stamps becomes a gray scale image after changing brightness/contrast on color images.

* Fixed a problem when exiting the module.

* Fixed auto closing when the computer has no internet access and/or limited user rights.

* Fixed the printed font color to black.

* Corrected multiple repaint problems.

* The emailer template editor not shows the templates in the patient language when calling from the imagelib.

* Bug Fix for deleting an image which is loaded into the viewport, all other viewports are cleared when hide instead of delete is active.

* Could not select an other filetype in the export image dialog because it was always closing the pulldown list.

+ Modification for absolute paths written in ini file. These must be relative paths.

e.g. comment.txt dir.

* Fixed saving of templates when show field content option is enabled.

* Fixed the disappearing of the navigation buttons when viewing status images fullsceen.

* Fixed the zoom that was reset after you draw on the image.

+ Added rotation support for the Schick33 generation 2 sensor.

* Fixed an application freeze when reentering the module after taking an 3D image.

* Fixed possible problems when taking async images or trying to recover lost images.

+ Added Idixel Web Support via VDDS.

+ New features: mailing from within the imagelib and statusview (right click on the mail button will show some extra options to set the image quality or selection on mailing with mail templates).

* Fix on gamma filter with values<0. This value raised an access violation. This is isn’t possible anymore.

+ Add support for Idixel Web via the VDDS interface.

+ Added an option to add a leading char and max length to the Patient ID <ID>?

+ Fixed font size of the info bar not saved/read in the desktop file.

* Fixed a random crash when a panel was repainted after it was destroyed.

+ Added possibility to draw Grade, Comment, keyword, user and tooth number on the images with the filters.

+ Added new normal SDK and PRO SDK for 3Disc scanner.

* Fix: Patient Dicom tags were not filled ok after export of image as .DCM file due to AnsiString and UniCode string conversion.

+ Added the possibility to synchronize the Users/Grades/ImagesTypes to other PC. This can now be selected in the setup, tabsheet synchronisation.

+ Added the possibility to add ANY file to the image library or the status. This can be done by drag and drop OR when the main application is running, right clicking in the file explorer and use the new menu options we’ve added.

* Solved issues with stamps in viewport and save dialog when magnification factor is set.

+ Fixed some memory leaks.

* The orientation.dat file multiplies when changing teeth association when entering the modules.

* Fixed a possible exception  when no stamps where created if the magnification factor was set.

* Fixed a rarely error message: “invalid floating point operation” when hovering over the status images.

* Fixed a problem where images where not correctly imported for the latest RVG 6500 drivers.

+ Added some default filters for OEMS.

+ In the new Save Dialog dialog box you have the possibility to add a different default image name per device type .

+ Add Positioning Guide Imags to installer.

+ Added support for newer carestream devices

+ Some icons where sometimes missing in the registration window.

+ Fine tuned a number of desktops and added default desktops with the annotations dialog box active.

+ When a custom background color is set for active/inactive viewport, this setting is implemented in the modules.

+ Add Macro editable for easy modification (support).

+ Fixed some issues for default settings for an OEM.

+ Added option to Data : PregnantYN

+ Fix for The operation buttons on teethframe for MD

* Fixed a status problem when upgrading some OEMs from V8.15.X.X to V8.16.1.1 or higher.

+ Added options to print doctor/practice name and all image parameters on the bottom of an image.

+ fix for contrast brightness – adjustments on Color images is not saved.

+ Fix to copy files when user file is newer on the server than local.

+ Fix for Filebrowser on wrong screen when using multiple screens.

+ Fix to show Optimize icon in classic look in button bar

+ Removed sound when switching patient and consistency check is ok.

* Some menuitem icons where not correct.

+ installer is now signed.

+ Fix for sliders on different style colors.

+ Annotations window does not close anymore when moving the cursor in the histogram.

+ Fixed a problem that the image library was not filling when  auto refresh monitor was unchecked in the options.

+ Added a button to save the configured button setup to all the desktops.

+ Pushing and retrieving CT images from the PACS is possible now.

+ Macro’s : new screen to select image for buttons

+ Fix for for macro screen on wrong monitor with multiple monitors

* Patient info in info bar was not correctly updated when command line link was used.

+ Fix for splash screen 3D viewer on wrong monitor with multiple monitors

+ Fixed website url

Added multi line caption on the setup module buttons.

Changed the CAM button

Fixed the colors in the bridge setup.

+ Fix for task bar not visible plus and module on wrong monitor with multiple monitors

+ Add option to choose what SDK type must be tried first.

+ Fixed a bug where a different patient was not detected by our program.

* Some macro and bridge icons where not correctly painted i, the green and blue style.

+ Some daemons could not be loaded when KB3126593 was installed.

+ Fixed a problem that our program came to the front when the patient program was launching us.

+ Fixed some GUI colors.

+ Fix for change of glow on FMX button

+ Now it’s possible to move(use the arrow keys)/Delete(press DEL key) the splash screen.

+ Fix for patient names with “” in and sended true SDKs

+ Add the extra info to the hint of the bibi item when the image is pushed to the pacs –  Informative.

+ Some modules have to do commands every time a patient is loaded => this was called to many times => Resolved so this is only called once (possible initialistation fix of some devices).

* Fix: Pseudo color didn’t hide in full screen.

+ Change the reload in filterscript.

+  Sivision connect program:

  1. Fixed WDM module : was not reacting on footpedal button commands and put down action.
  2. Camera leds were on when connected, until camera was down. This could lead to heathing camera => Fixed, camera goes in standby now.

+ Prevented that the carestream daemon launched twice.

+ Converted for Mediadent V8

+ Added/Changed translation for Dutch to the standard X-Ray &ModuleName

+ Added driver packs for Carestream/kodak for new devices and drivers (v1.07)

* fix problem of Mediadent system tray disapearing  when minimalizing the program

+ When resampling an image, the image was not correctly displayed.

* fix for reset histogram/contrast/brightness component when deleting image from image library

* Fixed an issue that sometimes occured when pushing multiple images to the pacs. (The same image was pushed multiple times)

+ New filter line added “Convert to color”, necessary to draw a line / text on a grayscale image;.

+ optimized code

+ 3Disc filter settings -2 to 2 are displayes as  0 to 4 in Mediadent

+ The loading of the statusview with large amount of images is optimized.

+ Terminal server : copying the Desktopfiles to the user location gave an error => fixed

+ Improvement on the file consistency check to speedup start up of Mediadent or patient switch.

File consistency check and image lib check now multi threaded for speedup start up Mediadent and patient switch.

+ Last comment and user will be presented next time when saving an image

+ fixed several memory leaks (e.g. on filterscript2)

+ fix for problem with the auto advance setting on, that the image was not loaded in the correct viewport when switching back to the previous patient.

+ Fix import for mp4 movies

+ Integration Trident Pano

+ You can now drop anything into the image library or status. If you click on the item, the program that is linked to that filetype will be launched.

* When our software was loaded thru command line, the last laoded images where not displayed.

+ Reduced the repaints of imagelib and status when saving 3D-volumes.

+ Tools tab under annotations visible now

+ Fix for false positive on Mediadent installer component registration executable “ilreg.exe”:

Ilreg.exe is now digital signed to protect from false positives in anti virus software

+ getting now an extra dialog when deleting images in acquisition mode before saving the images

+ Save method is forced to 127 (JPEG compression) when saving images comming from Durr or Digora Optime.

+ Added possibility to mail with templates in export dir, reporter, imagelib an status.

+ Search routine for automated desktop changed so start desktop is always correct before auto create new desktop.

* Filterscript 2 was not applied for the MDX3. 

If a user had configured an optimize, then after upgrading, Filterscript 2 and the optimize will be executed.

You can turn off the optimize or you can set the filterscript to 0. to fix this.

* Fixed a problem that our application was not displayed on the correct setted monitor.

This was due to the fact that monitor 1 was not the monitor on the left position.

* Modules that needs the recent patient information when patients are switched by the frontend are now receiving the correct info at first launch.

* Sometimes the recent patient list was going to the background, resulting in not able to click on anything on the main window.

+ Dutch translation Show filter script added.

+ ESC button can now be pressed when recording a sequence in a FMX acquisition.

+ Fix: Image indicator were wrong after reloading images.

+ Fix: Histogram button was not grayed out because you can enable the dialog on your desktop at all times.

* Fixed an extreemly rear case when an access violation  is triggered when exiting a module.

* Fixed an error while saving an ROI on an other viewport.

+ VDDS files are now signed.

+ Option move after drag is now applied without restarting Mediadent

+ Enabled the F1 (HELP) macro at installation.

+ Fixed the macro function keys. they where sometimes triggered twice.

+ Fixed the “resample” and “convert to grayscale” options which where not functional after the use of the filter script. (V8)

+ Rotate images 90 degrees during acquisition.

* Fixed a possible image corruption when pasting / copying from the clipboard.

+ fixed visibiliy for values in the filter tool box

* Fix for some auto created desktops not correctly created.

* Fixed a possible range check error when getting the nearest desktop.

+ Fixed the step amount of the fract trackbar of the unsharp mask. Clicking on the bar will result in + or –

+ Scroll wheel, arrow keys on keyboard where not working anymore for the zoom window.

* Fixed the use of the arrow buttons and arrow keyboard keys in full screen mode.

+ Dicom that are pushed to a pacs are now tagged with the ‘CR’ modality. previous only missing modalities where set to ‘CR’.

This is only the case if no worklist is used, because worklist are demanding a predefined modality type.

+ WDM StillCap:  The last bitmap description will be used for the next time. Stored in ilUser.ini, section of the module, entry “Last_BitmapDescription”

+ Fix for ROI save as new image problem (didn’t save correct)

+ Fix for left right arrows not working anymore in full screen.

+ Fixed possible image loss when dragging images from the image library to the status in ScanX or WDM module.

This occures when “does not put images automatically on status” and “save only images on status” is set.

+ It is now possible to drop dicom files in the image library or status.

+ Fix for status bar misplacement in the core.

+ Fix setup of Macro’s. The icon color did not follow the color of the selected style.

+ The reload button was not grayed out when no image was loaded in the viewport.

+ Added a support link option for dealers. If this is not entered, the support menu item is removed.

+ Fixed the color of the save and exit buttons in modules.

+ Copy to clipboard and past from clipboard buttons added to the registration screen. Also disabled auto copy to clipboard in this window. This is to confused for the user.

+ Extend Ole link for Baltes to be able to get images from other patient then from the loaded patient in Mediadent.

+ Button added for Archiving system to the image library, and made it more easy to use.

+ MDX3:  filter 0 to 3 now possible, filters 0 =  original image without any filter

+ Added file signing to prevent blocking by virus scanners.

+ Fixed some icons to reflect the purpose.

+ The selected images of the imagelibrary will be kept selected after closing anotations.

+ Added an Filter Builder button on the viewport filter dialog (CTRL-F)

This makes it possible to add realtime new filters to an existing filterscript.

+ Added new visual filter selection capability that can be auto applied by device.

XRayVatech v8.18.11.30:

* Fixed a problem after the image is taken

* Fixed problem of buttons “Exit” and “Save all and exit” not being enabled after capture.

* Fixed random access violation errors when taking images, or when canceling acquisition.

+ Vatech HD: when the sensor timeouts, a proper error message is shown.

+ Some images from the vatech module where not correctly identified.

+ Add Preset to CT devices for Pax-i3D Smart

+ IP settings are now changeable for each sensor instead of 1 setting for all.

* Fixed a possbile hang when modules are saving images to the patient folders.

+ Added new SDK for new Vatech sensors.

+ Added Classic and HD Sensor with the new SDK.

XRayHamamatsu v8.18.11.30

* optimize Filter of CMOS system and old system with or without binning  is not correctly applied.

+ Added possibility to disarm the sensor by pressing ESC.

+ Change default setting for Hamamatsu module

+ Calibration was not working in some cases.

Fixed the disable internal filter option for CMOS.

* Added workarounds to be able to take images with computers that have a poor USB power save controller design.

A Better solution is to disable c-states control in the computer BIOS. (like Dell notebooks)

+ For some OEM’s the infobar was not readable because of the theming => fixed

+ Changed the infobar color to make it more readable.

+ Improved image quality by using dark/flat field image data.

+ Option added to disable the internal filter.

+ Added default filters.

ilaxImagePropertiesR2 v8.18.11.30:

 * Invalid characters are now replaced when you rename an image thru image properties.

  +IlaxImageProperties.dll is now using illibfileoperations.dll for file handling.

illibAcquisitionSaveR2 v8.18.11.30:

 * Fix for Error when deleting stamp when using mag factor >1

 * Fixed a program crash when CT images where saved.

 +Fixed positioning if the Acquisition Save Dialog when application is on other monitor.

+ Changed the default button on the are you sure dialog to “no” to prevent accidential deletion of files by the user.

ilaxStatusViewR2 v8.18.11.30:

* Fix for scrolling through images with the status view.

* Removed a displayed info message when status view is visible and saving annotations.

* Fix: rotate and mirror/flip on an image in the status had no effect on resulting image.

+ Changed a possible problem that the orientation of the status templates are not correct.

* Fixed the creation of stamps in the mediadent root folder.

* Images that are taken on a status when a directory was selected in the image library where not displayed.

+ Status view : the resize image was sometimes behind the bibi items, when both scrollbars are visible => fixed

+ Source files where not deleted when dragging onto the status

+ You can now use freehand rotation on an image in the viewport. Just press long on the rotate button in the buttonbar.

ilaxImageLibR2 v8.18.11.30:

+ Added the possibility to select multiple images by using the Shift + click function in the image library.

* Fix for the working of the scrollbar on the imagelib

+ Added visual indicator when images are not calibrated.

* Selection of the bibi items didn’t follow windows standards (e.g. multiselect file explorer).

Modified this. Shift key is not implemented, only CTRL key for multiselect.

+ Fix for refresh of imagelib when an image is dropped on a sub folder.

+ Fix for missing stamp when a .DCM file is dropped on the imagelib or status

* When a manual rotation is done in the imagelibrary, the bibi item reloads the image, but the buffer in the ilLibFileOperations is not the latest buffer, but the previous, so wrong stamp is loaded.

+ Now the magnification factor for the bibi images or the status images (called bibiItems) can be changed per 0.25. So this makes it possible to fine tune the look.

+ Images are not longer anonymized when moved to another patient

+ Fixed a rare problem when images are displayed that are not present in the current directory.

+ Fix for text under bibi items  to short in V8

* Removed confirmation dialog when copying CT images to the global folder.

Fixed an issue if the user has canceled the copy operation.

* When loading a desktop the imgelib stamps weren’t visible anymore until folder change.

+ Added additional checks to prevent deleting images when a corrupt mih file is used.

+ When drag and drop file into imagelib, the patient name was not changed in the mih.

+ Added date original image to setup to display under the image lib bibi items.

+ Images can now be selected on the image, name or empty space. Previous it was only be possible to select them by clicking on the image itself.

+ Added Magnification option under screen settings to resize the stamps in the imagelibrary and/or statusview.

This makes it more readable for screens with higher resolutions. (Retina)

+ Fixed the unneeded refresh of an image library when some image is placed in the global folder and the global folder was not active.

DicomNet v8.18.11.30

* Bug Fix for Combo boxes of dicom print are not populated with the dicomnet module only active

+ Automatic push images to PACS, only CT images and “regular” images should be pushed, not eg. doc files.

+ Added message to restart to Dicom FrontEnd when leaving the setup.

* Fixed a problem on some computers that the patient history of the dicom frontend was not filling.

+ Added system to add and configure all available XML tags to a Dicom tag

+ When retreiving an image from DICOM server, it’s possible the retreived study time is not in milliseconds and the Method that reads this info is not getting the study time and that resulted in a wrong mih file.

+ Added following dicom tags when worklists are used: Institution Name, ResponsiblePerson, Performing Physician, ReferringPhysicianName, RequestingPhysician

Added following dicom tags: KV, mA, Time, DAP

+ New feature release: Auto Push (Auto Store) images to the PACS after acquisition

+ Added options to “select date of patient access” or “date of today” to group image into one study id.

XRayProgeny v8.18.11.30:

* Fixed possible crashing of the progeny module when unified SDK is used.

XRaySopro v8.18.11.30:

+ Fix for Sopix2 acquisition that does not start automatically via Marco.

* Fixed a possible error message ‘Error deleting xxxxxxxxxxx.NFOT’ that was displayed due to a windows api call bug.

+ Fix for issue while deleting last image

+ Add/change default settings for ilmodXraySopro

+ Added an option to show the taskbar in the module.

* Removed a message when demo images where taken with a pspix2.

+ Installer packs are now available for the sopro PANO.

+ Added the new PSPIX 1 and X-mind One device integrations

+ Sopix2 integration done

+ If the PSPIX2 needs to much time to initialize, then the driver needs to be configured in a directory without long filenames. Ex. C:\sopro

You can do this in the setup. This is a driver issue and can not be fixed in our program.

XRayDigora v8.18.11.30:

+ Fix for auto save and exit for Digora DSD devices.

+ In the Digora module you now have the possibility to manualy select the installed device.

+ Added support for Digora NovusE installed via Soredex.

+ New device supported: support for Pan eXam

Bridge v8.18.11.30

+ Fixed problem to pas gender via VDDS and Bridge.

* Fix for: Bridge where gender is not passed in the PmsTransfer.ini file for VDDS programs

+ Fix for selecting custom bridge icon

+ Link added for the 3Shape software.

+ The VDDS was not working for a VDDS softwares when the name of an VDDS_MMI entry was not the same as the section name.

XRayImax v8.18.11.30:

+ Imax Strato interface is now displayed fine when skinning is active.

Reporter v8.18.11.30:

* Fixed text completion problems when typing very fast.

    + made reporter auto text configuration more user friendly

+ Fix to send emails via reporter when there are special charse, e.g. ” ” are used in the patient name.

+ Report module, export to PDF: when exporting to PDF the save dialog showed an “OPEN” in stead of a “SAVE” button.

XRayOwandy v8.18.11.30:

+ Fix for Villa Rotograph Evo images that does not come true Mediadent

+ Fix crash for ilPanOW3D interface

+ Add calibration for CLI mode of Owandy/Villa module

+ Add support for owandy/villa phosphor plate scanners

* Fixed owandy ingxcli that was unable to take images

+ Added the DAP value on the image info.

+ Added support for the Villa Rotograph Prime / Evo

+ Added a button to search for sensor files a local folder and no longer on a CD only.

XRaySirona v8.18.11.30:

* Bug Fix to end acquisition loop in the Sirona module

+ Fixed error dialog appearing when changing the sidexis path in the setup.

Removed the sidiin.exe from the installer to prevent version issues.

+ Fixed an access violation while searching SIDIIN directories and switching to an other module in the setup.

+ Fix for visiblility problem in the sirona setup, now the setup is following the application style.

+ Fixed a problem that the Sirona module was closing very slowly.

WdmVideo v8.18.11.30:

+ Fix for WDM cameras not working with video.

+ Fixed an error message when Classic style is used.

+ Fix for error when clicking on grab button on playback.

XRayTrophy v8.18.11.30

* Very important fixes to prevent crashes (paintbox32) on various sytems.

+ Fix exit issue whit CS RVG ACQ SDK after image is taken.

+ Added capturing of models with a 3D unit.

+ Fixed a possible access violation when multiple images where saved at a slow pace in combination with frontends that are registering file changes and are sending the patient information at the wrong time.

+ Added support for CS8100SC images that were not imported.

+ Fixed an error message on startup with some front ends when async mode is enabled in the Carestream module.

* Some icons where not correctly painted when oem colors where used.

* Added an option to disable the force the acquisition window on the same screen as the module.

* Fixed a problem that sometimes an old image appears when entering the module.

* Fixed a problem where the daemon was still connected after leaving the setup.

+ create workaround for slow exit CareStreamModule when the timer is ended or when taking a 2nd image

+ The kV, mA, T and DAP are now kept with the images that are taken with the acquisition SDK.

Speedup of the initialization and shutdown when more devices are installed, but not used.

Correctly setting the IO window on the foreground.

+ Added possibility to make 3D images on Kodak devices.

XRayDexis v8.18.11.30:

 + Fix for Dexis folder that is not automatically detected anymore since dexis 10

XRayMarconi v8.18.11.30:

* Fix: memory leak while loading images with filterscript 2 applied on

+ Fixed macro execution of sensor types.

+ Fixed a possible double launch of a module when macro’s are used.

+ Added a default filter for the Imagen Sensor.

XRayMorita v8.18.11.30

+ Added menu button to force in control when another PC is controlling the Morita device.

+ Morita new Device added X700_CFPF700, so the filtering is applied on this advice

+ Fixed MDX3 sensor selection with macro’s.

DFO v8.18.11.30

* Fixed  a startup crash on a windows server 2016.

+ Added HD Desktop

* Fixed a report display problem when the fontsize is enlarged (125%, 150%) or the dpi is largen then 96.

XRayFimet v8.18.11.30:

 * Fixed an error when entering the fimet module with an old HDX

XRayScanX v8.18.11.30:

* Mediadent was no longer visible after an image was taken with the Durr Vistascan Easy program or the ScanX Easy module. After installing the fix you can immediatly continue to work with Mediadent.

* Bug Fix, added options in the ini file to set default filters for the direct dll scan mode.

+ Fixed a problem when a newly taken image was not displayed into the viewport when the teeth chart was presented.

+ Fix for vista easy interface that pops to the back with OLE link

+ Fix to show bitewing buttons on teeth chart after acquisition

+ Added Vistaconnect suppor for Durr.

XRayPlanmeca v8.18.11.30:

* Planmeca module no longer crashes when preview is active.

+ Fixed an access violation while searching DIDAPI directories and switching to an other module in the setup.

StatusFullScreen v8.18.11.30:

+ fixed problem turning off info field for full screen print.

+ Fix for hidden(deleted) images that were shown in Full status. They are not longer shown now.

+ When disabling the footer info exported status screens are saved with the footer info.

+ Added the option to select a different background color for viewing and printing. (Default: Black for viewing, White for Printing)

XRaySDX v8.18.11.30

+ Fix for SDX Suni II default orientation

* Fix for module not unloading when loaded dll’s didn’t free.

XRayDemo v8.18.11.30:

* Fixed bug when special demo images for certain teeth range for human were added for demo purposes.

 * Fixed the last selected optimize setting when macro’s where used.

 + Image in viewport rotates now together with the stamp in the acquisition screen

 + Fixed a possible error when rotating images on the image library in a module.

WdmStillCap v8.18.11.30:

* Fixed a problem when new images taken are not placed on the status.

* Filtering of images taken in the wdm stillcap module can now be removed.

* Bug fix for image indications on WDM Stillcap module, now only the original indicator is lid.

+ Grab delay of 1 second is removed from the ini file.

* Fix for images not rotating when teeth is selected on the teeth chart.

* Ansichar /ansistring mixups due to DXE

+ change default setting

* Fixed the live view window when selecting different window settings in fullscreen and normal mode.

* The automatic created desktop was always selected. Changed this in WDMStillCap + WDMVideo.

Also the settings show in ButtonBar and add to Menu were not saved in the ilUser.ini file.

+ Added single click on live image to freeze, double click to grab the image, hotkey to freeze image.

+ Added support for setting different Frame per second for the same resolution.

Blackmagic grabber card is now supported.

+ removed WTF message in WDM module after crash

Twain v8.18.11.30:

+ Fix for missing X-ray icon when only X-ray TWAIN module is enabled in the classic style.

+ In the X-ray TWAIN module, you now have the possibility to choose 4 different TWAIN devices via a macro.

+ Fix error when entering a module after entering setup for Twain

+ Added function to switch twain devices via twain and xray twain.

* Fixed random errors when the planmeca twain driver is used.

* Fixed a crash when exiting the twain module when an image was taken.

* Fix : modXRayTwain : device was not automatically selected when entering the module.

+ Fix Imagen Sensor Twain support

+ Fix for crash on module with some Twain interfaces when memory method is used to communicate with twain devices.

+ XRayTwain : added posibillity to show the taskbar.

Salvage v8.18.11.30:

 + Fixed a possible crash after exiting the salvage module.

   + Enhanced salvage module, so when an image is restored, this will be done in the correct patient folder, and not in the active patient folder.

PrintClassic v8.18.11.30:

* Fix bug of washed images by printing images with EXF02 filter on.

* Fixed a problem where a temporary stamp was not displayed when the stamp was not yet downloaded or missing.

+ Fixes for the mobile viewer to make more stable.

* Fixed a display problem when adding an image to an empty folder.

+ Changed icons and the Log window is now resizeable.

* Fixed a problem with image names that had special characters in it.

+ Fix the icons & splash on iPad for different resolutions

* Fixed a problem when the cache was cleared for the current patient.

+ Publish Mobile Viewer app in Google Play & Apple app store

* Fixed the font color of text to black when printing. Soem printers where printing in gray.

* Fixed printing of images where ROI was used. They where displayed in full.

+ Mobile backend to serve images to tablets on a local network

+ Mobile viewer to view images on a android /ios based tablet

Optimize v8.18.11.30:

+ fix for error in long textlines in filterscript

* Enlarged the number of 11 filterlines saved in the iluser.

+ Contrast and brightness are added in the filterscript.

+ Added advanced Filter system

+ List with modules in optimize module is not sorted out: fixed

+ Combined Filter 2 settings where not saved correctly when the amount was larger then 25.

DirImport v8.18.11.30

* Fixed an error when using macros while importing.

+ A default folder can now be setted. If the previous used folder is not found/existing, then this folder is used.

If this folder is also not found, an error message is displayed to retry.

* Fixed a possible crash in Directory import module.

DirExport v8.18.11.30:

* Mediadent will no longer hang when sending an image via the File Directory Export option. The e-mail program will no longer be hidden behind the progress bar.

+ The copy dialog will no longer stay in the screen when sending an e-mail.

+ Added option to export images to PNG format.

+ Fix for unreadable buttons in Export Dir Module after adding Email Template buttons

* Fixed problem that the mailing program sometimes is in the back.

+ Added “Auto Rename” menu option.

+ Added button Export and Exit.

+ Added message box when the export is done.

+ Fix that all windows stays on the same screen

* Fixed possible memory leaks when exporting images + fixed not yet supported export file types will be skipped.

+ Fix for Filebrowser on wrong screen when using multiple screens.

+ Fix translation issue in setup

+ Fix for wrong translation of setup items

+ Added the birthdate (if entered) to the email subject line.

+ Fix for sending emails with not allowed characters




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