New in Mediadent v8.19.2.27


In this latest version the focus was on fixing a number of issues that were reported by our customers.

Solved issue with lost images : After creating a new patient with subfolders in Mediadent Data the newly acquired images were not stored correctly and appeared to be lost. Now the images are stored in the correct subfolder.

When starting an application with VDDS with the VDDS module, the first and last name are now correctly passed. This is done through a new method with OLESetPatientNameEx and OLESetPatientXML where the first and last name are exported separately.

Fixed issue with white images in the documents created with the Reporter module of Mediadent v8.19.2.1.

The acquistion interface of the Sirona device was in the background. This is now solved, by selecting the correct acquisition interface in the setup of the Sirona module.

sirona logo

In the Cosmetic module : When the image library was shown in the module and the exit was clicked, there was a possible “Invalid window handle” message displayed.