Since 2004, Imagelevel has continiously been working  on their world leading imaging software Mediadent. As a result, already more than 125.000 endusers are using Mediadent. Imagelevel offers a wide range of software products for the medical, dental and veterinary market.

Multiple views
Implant module
Filter window

Direct link to patient management systems

Direct connection with all Patient Management Systems. Now you no longer have to search for photos in different programs.

direct acquisition

Direct acquisition of all kinds of digital dental systems like intra-oral cameras, phosphor scanners, TWAIN scanners, X-Ray sensors, digital panoramic devices ...

conversion from your current system

You are ready to switch from your current system to Mediadent v8? ImageLevel can convert the most current systems immediately.

optional modules

Additional modules are available such as an implant module, a 3D viewer, the DFO module for orthodontics and a DICOM Pacs module.

Mediadent supports more than 50 X-ray devices!

Mediadent supports more than 50 X-ray digital equipment. This means you can take images from any of these X-ray devices and the images will be directly stored in Mediadent v8.

Mediadent v8 is device independent. You only have to learn 1 product !

If you X-ray device is not listed, please contact us.

Get a list of the supported devices

And what about CBTC scans in Mediadent?

We have full integration (acquisition + viewing) with the following devices :

3D Viewer in Mediadent
  • Sirona
  • Vatech
  • Carestream
  • Gendex
  • Asahi
  • Samsung
  • Owandy/Villa
  • VDDS

Convert from your dental imaging application to Mediadent and keep all images in 1 place!

Start using Mediadent and keep working with your current practice management software.

Or you can use Mediadent Data if you don’t have a practice management software yet.

The images of these programs can be converted to Mediadent:

Mediadent conversions
  • Adstra (Adstra Systems)
  • Angelo
  • Apteryx (Apteryx inc.)
  • Baltes (Corilus)
  • CaptureLink (Henry Schein)
  • Carestream Imaging Suite (Carestream)
  • CDR (Schick)
  • CDR Dicom (Schick)
  • Cleardent (Cleardent)
  • Cliniview (Instrumentarium)
  • DBSWin (Dürr)
  • Dent-A-View
  • Dental 4 Windows (Centaur Software)
  • DentalEye (DentalEye)
  • Dentrix (Henry Schein)
  • Dentrix Image 4 (Henry Schein)
  • Dexis (Dexis)
  • Digident (Orex)
  • Digora for windows (Soredex)
  • Dimaxis (Planmeca)
  • Dr. Suni (Suni)
  • EasyDent (Ezdent)
  • EzDenti (Vatech)
  • Folders with images
  • Image Explorer (DICOM Imaging Systems Inc)
  • ImageFx (SciCan)
  • IOX Viewer (Fimet)
  • Julie (Owandy)
  • Karius
  • Kodak (Carestream)
  • Lightyear (Lightyear Dental)
  • LiveDDM (LiveDDM)
  • MDDI
  • NovaX (Complan Valens)
  • Patterson Imaging (Patterson Dental)
  • ProImage (Dent-X)
  • RayMage (MyRay)
  • Romexis (Planmeca)
  • SamsungRayScan Converter (Samsung)
  • Scanora (Soredex)
  • Sens-A-Ray for DOS and Windows (Dent-X)
  • Sidexis (Sirona)
  • Sopro (Sopro Imaging)
  • Tiff
  • TigerView (Televere Systems)
  • Trophy for Windows (Kodak)
  • Visiquick (TMS)
  • VixWin (Gendex)
  • X-ray vision (Apteryx)

Our clients say

A very big thank you to you and your staff who always friendly helped me with your knowledgeable and very effective people since 2002. The quality of our care to our patients also increased thanks to this effectiveness.
Dr. Gitani
I’m an Imagelevel customer since 2005: Morita IC-5 panoramic, Hamamatsu X-Ray sensor, Durr Vistascan mini scanner and Mediadent software. ImageLevel is a team of digital oral imaging professionals offering a high quality service.
P. Delmelle
I’m very happy with my Morita PAN/CEPH device, hi-end quality image and technical. Also very satisfied regarding service and quality from ImageLevel. In short, TOP NOTCH SERVICE and QUALITY!
C. Mignon
SUPER-products (Morita and Mediadent) with a SUPER-service!
Els Jorissen

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect Mediadent to a DICOM/PACS system?

Yes, it is possible to link Mediadent to a DICOM/PACS server. Please send an e-mail to for more detailed information.

Are Twain devices supported?

Any TWAIN scanner can be integrated in Mediadent. The TWAIN X-Ray devices are also available through X-Ray modules.

Other specific supported devices are : 

  • Foot switches: connected to game port, serial port
  • USB port or wireless like Dürr wireless pedal
  • Dicom Servers and printers

ISA devices are only usable with Mediadent V4. Modern computers are not equiped with ISA slots.

We offer different pricing ranges. Please send an e-mail to for more information about pricing.