Vistascan Combi

Vistascan Combi

The time is right for a change in diagnostic radiography

Image Plate scanner Dürr VistaScan

Since the introduction of conventional X-ray film development in the dental medicine, Dürr Dental has been leading the way in diagnostics for dental surgeries. Digital X-ray with Dürr Dental offers dentists images with high resolution to meet all diagnostic demands. Dürr Dental has more than 40 years experience in the development of X-ray technology.

Changing to digital X-ray technology with Dürr VistaScan is a logical step. This is because the process is simple to operate: the practice team members carry out the work steps familiar to them from their training in film processing, but this time without needing to use chemicals.

The VistaScan Plus is a scanner for intraoral and extraoral formats. It scans up to 4 images in one step, erases the plates and delivers them to the operator for use again. Even the extraoral formats are read out in seconds. Advantage: Shorter waiting times for operator and assistant, more time for the patients. Compared with film, the surgery routines become far more efficient with first-class quality images. There’s never been a better time to change over to image plates.

  • Excellent image quality
  • For intraoral and extraoral formats
  • Read out up to 4 recordings in one step, automatic ereasing of the image plates
  • Flexible installation options, space-saving wall mounting possible
  • Simple operating concept
  • Simple PC and network interfacing (VistaScanNet Box, optional)